Providing products to customers fastest and most economically is the key to success. To do this, merchandisers are linking IT systems with their suppliers’ using reliable standards such as EDI, XML, FTP, HTTP, and Applicability Statement 2, or AS2.

Trading Partner Desktop Overview

Trading Partner® delivers industry leading desktop EDI collaboration for Windows 95, 98, NT, and 2000 environments. Emanio’s extensive experience in servicing the EDI management needs of thousands of enterprises has helped create a comprehensive EDI desktop system — with the high performance capabilities designed to meet current and future needs of growing organizations.

Premier EDI Solution

More than 16,000 suppliers and eBusiness networks around the world have chosen an Emanio EDI solutions. Emanio is the largest VAN-independent supplier of EDI software for the PC.

Flexible Communications

Emanio offers open communications with scripts for all the major EDI VANs and IP-based EDI networks. Emanio’s high performance EDI translation capabilities are built on ANSI ASC, X12 and EDIFACT standards.

Ease of Use

Built-in Wizards simplify starting document exchanges with new systems or partners. EDI document-turn-around capabilities allow re-use of information sent by partners in replies. Reports are easily customized for new requirements. Advanced scheduling allows unattended operation.

Trading Partner Workgroup Overview

Trading Partner Workgroup®, specifically designed as the solution of choice for multiple users doing EDI, runs Trading Partner over Local Area Networks (LANs). Trading Partner Workgroup empowers larger spokes to divide their electronic transaction processing between individuals or departments.

In addition, Trading Partner Workgroup allows for centralized processing where communications and unattended tasks are executed on the server. Other than a few DLLs installed on the client computers, all executables reside on the server, allowing easy upgrades. Trading Partner Workgroup includes a special client setup application that requires no configuration on the client side. Whether you have two users or twenty, getting Trading Partner Workgroup up and running is simple! Customers can expand their processing environment to include additional users by placing a call to Emanio.

Trading Partner provides everything that has made it the market leader: open communications with communication scripts to all the major VANs, Internet support through iNetFTP, the AT&T Global Network and others, high performance translation for ANSI ASC X12, EDIFACT and TRADACOMS transaction sets, kit-based and custom trading partner installation, an easy to use graphical interface, unattended operation and a Emanio Type Tree Maker.

And, Trading Partner boasts the availability of pre-built kits for over 100 EDI hubs. Users can access the Emanio web site and download the latest version of the EDI kits required to trade with their partners.

Trading Partner Advantages

Works The Way You Do

Trading Partner makes it easy for your firm to manage its EDI-based collaborative eBusiness program. This is the most intuitive desktop ever created for EDI. Simply point and click to start a job or review your transactions.

Wizards for Installation

Trading Partner takes advantage of powerful Wizards to simplify the entire EDI process. Wizards are smart graphical aids that simplify tasks such as installing software and hardware, or adding a trading partner.

Flexible Communications

Emanio is the largest VAN-independent supplier of EDI software for the PC. With Trading Partner, you can send and receive EDI data using direct connections to your firm’s partners through automatic dial-out to VANs or over the Internet.

High Performance Translation

At the core of Trading Partner is a high-performance EDI translator written in C++. It’s fast, efficient and a real powerhouse when teamed up with the latest PCs. Run multiple EDI jobs at the same time, each in its own space and fully protected. Add new partners or new EDI transactions. Trading Partner can handle it all with ease.

In Control

Everything your firm needs to run a tight ship is right at your fingertips. From your desktop, you get a full view of all EDI information coming and going. All administrative functions are built in. Functional acknowledgments are generated, sent out, and tracked automatically. New partner profiles are created directly from inbound transactions. Trans­action files, Audit information, System logs…… They’re all archived automatically. Just set the schedule and it’s done.

Speaks Your Language

Simple screens for entering data. Drop-down list boxes. Built-in edits. Standard reports such as EDI transaction logs and acknowledgment reconciliations either printed or on-line. Plus, custom reports created to your specifications. And a “document turn-around” feature that lets you re-use the information sent by your partners. Inbound EDI documents such as a Purchase Order can be automatically converted to an outbound Invoice. Same information, different purpose. This reduces keying, speeds processing and eliminates errors. It’s why we say Trading Partner speaks your language!

Unattended Operation

As a stand-alone EDI workstation, or as part of an integrated EDI system, Trading Partner can run completely unattended. It’s simple. Just drag the jobs you want accomplished into a Task List. Set the time. All of your routine work, from dial-out to transmission, receiving, processing and more, is handled automatically.

Solutions For All Types of Firms

Integrating EDI with your existing operations can produce a solid return on your firm’s EDI investment. When you firm is ready to integrate, Emanio has the experience, expertise, and leading technology for mapping EDI data to and from enterprise applications. Trading Partner comes with flexible flat-file interfaces to pass data to and from your firm’s applications.

Pre-Configured Kits

Trading with a major hub? Emanio’s Trading Partner Kits include all the transaction sets, reports, data entry screens, and document turnarounds needed for compliance with hub requirements. Our kits come pre-tested to hub specifications and can be installed in a matter of minutes.

Supports All Major Standards

Trading Partner supports all major EDI standards including North American standards based on X12, all industry-specific implementations (UCS, WINS, VICS, and TDCC), EDIFACT, and Tradacoms.

The Results Are In

Only Trading Partner delivers the full ease of use and power expected in modern EDI PC solution. Here’s what you get:

  • Unprecedented ease of use : installation Wizards, intuitive desktop, pre-configured EDI kits, built-in connections to just about everything
  • Automated features for unattended operations: partner management, auditing, reporting, archiving, information retrieval
  • High-performance EDI translation
  • Open architecture and freedom of choice for communications
  • Support and service from a company dedicated to software excellence