Kensington Solutions provides companies with comprehensive software solutions including SIEM, ERP, APS, CRM, and E-Commerce Systems. McAffee and Logrhythm SIEM (Security Intelligence and Event Management) software is at the heart of our offering and provides end-to-end security for your sensitive information.

In addition, we offer software solutions, configuration or installation, training and more for these solutions.  We can also provide software for complimentary purposes to help with business analysis, business intelligence, knowledge management, and communications.

Business intelligence expands the reach of your investments in ERP applications, data infrastructure and collaboration tools you already own. Our solutions deliver business intelligence by integrating the strengths of these products on a single platform to empower informed business decisions.

Kensington Solutions offers a full range of business intelligence solutions that work together to form a comprehensive, end-to-end solution with the scaleability and vision to help you drive your business forward.