Clio AS2

Secure, Automated eTransfer

Cleo, powered by VersaLex™, lets trading partners securely transfer critical business documents to and from their widely distributed trading partners over the Internet, VANs, or other specialized TCP/IP networks. Users can transfer and receive everything from POs, invoices, and shipping notices to insurance claims, medical records, clinical data, retail reports, and more. Users can also schedule transmissions to occur automatically, at whatever intervals required.

Clio AS2 at a Glance

  • Works with the major trading community networks.
  • Integration with the leading EDI software packages reduces operator-training time.
  • Uses proven IP protocols FTP, HTTP and EDIINT AS2 allowing users to communicate with multiple trading partners.
  • Certified eBusinessReady™ for AS2 Interoperability by the Drummond Group, the independent testing organization for the Uniform Code Council (UCC). This certification is a Wal-Mart requirement.
  • Pre-configuration offers quick set-up.
  • Built-in security protects proprietary transactions.
  • Perpetual log file monitors and verifies all transmissions.
  • “100% Java” makes it platform independent. Clio runs on Windows, Unix, Linux and AS/400.

With pre-configured hosts for specific networks including Wal-Mart, Target, Lowe’s, Meijer, Army/Air Force (AAFES), Dollar General, UCCnet, Global eXchange Services, IBM Information Exchange, and many others, Clio users can be up and running in minutes. Clio provides users a quick ROI. As additional trading partners switch to IP-based communications, users simply configure the new trading partner host or alternatively contact Cleo for an available pre-configured host. The software supports the transfer of any file type including EDI, XML, and binary files. Documents commonly transferred include purchase orders, invoices, and advance shipping notices, as well as insurance claims, medical records, and clinical data.

Clio is an exceptionally flexible tool. “Written in 100% Java,” it can run on any Windows, Unix, or Linux system, as well as A/S400. Clio also offers integration with the leading EDI software packages, allowing users to take advantage of scheduling features and provide complete automation. Yet integration is only part of the Clio picture. Companies using the software to transmit proprietary business information do so with the same degree of security protecting Web browser based credit-card transactions.

Cleo users can communicate with the major trading community networks using secure IP-based protocols. Pre-configured hosts will allow users to be up and running in quickly. Integration with the leading EDI software packages offers users a turn-key system and reduces operator training time to minutes.