Canary Connector

Canary Connector Communication Equipment

Kensington Solutions is the only provider of custom made Canary SC to Din Connectors, from a single channel fiber optic to an automated machine.

Fiber Channel ? Fiber-to-Fiber Conversion
Converts multi-mode 1.0625 Giga Baud Fiber Channel traffic to single-mode for long-range transmission to distances up to 80+ Km.
Full Clock and Data Recovery (CDR)
Insures data integrity and jitter suppression is better than minimum Fiber Channel requirements. Multiple units can be linked in series for special applications.
Optional Single Fiber Bi-directional and CWDM Interfaces
Single-Fiber Bi-Directional optics double the capacity of duplex fiber, allowing each strand to carry bi-directional traffic between two stations up to 60 Km apart!
CWDM transceivers enable multiple Fiber Channels (or a mix of Fiber Channel and other protocols) to be multiplexed and simultaneously transported in parallel,over single-mode fiber.

Automatic Link Fault Signaling (LFS) feature
Automatically signals connected hosts if an intermediate link segment is disabled, by turning off transmission to the next connected Fiber Channel station.
Unparalleled network integration and versatility
Use chassis based and standalone versions to distribute Fiber Channel services throughout the enterprise or across multiple satellite campuses.



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Canary Fiber Channel Converters operate at 1.0625 Giga baud and are extremely easy to deploy in any environment where extra multi-mode or single-mode transmission distance is desired. As a bonus, they are completely transparent to the Arbitrated Loop protocol and are not required to actively participate in it to properly function.

Superior Fiber Channel performance results from built-in Clock and Data Recovery (CDR) circuitry that provides a greater than 40% reduction in the jitter figure, when compared to competing products (as confirmed by eye-diagram modeling). This insures that the over-all system link jitter budget is not exceeded when two or more converters are deployed.

Our Fiber Channel converters are available as individual standalone units and as modules for Canary’s SNMP Manageable CCN-2000/CCN-0400 20-slot and 4-slot chassis and CCM-1600 (unmanaged) 16-slot chassis families.

Single-Fiber Bi-Directional and CWDM (Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing) fiber interfaces are available. Both connector types increase the data handling capacity of existing fiber infrastructures.

Single-Fiber Bi-Directional interfaces enable two Fiber Channel stations to communicate over one strand of optical fiber.
CWDM interfaces (providing up to eighteen discrete wavelengths) allow a mix of simultaneous network connections across a single-mode segment spanning or linking multiple locations.

Combined with Optical Add/Drop Multiplexers, CWDM links Individual user channels to the fiber ring at intermediate locations.
Canary Communications is an industry leader in providing advanced connectivity solutions for the evolving network.