Kensington Solutions

Kensington Solutions provides Cyber Security, Enterprise Resource Planning software, and other hardware and software solutions.

Creating effective Cyber Security strategies and achieving compliance is how we help our customers to protect their corporate assets. Our solutions bring event, threat, and risk data together to provide strong security intelligence, rapid incident response, seamless log management, and extensive compliance reporting. Our staff is prepared to provide global threat intelligence to government, public and private organizations.

Whether it’s PCI-DSS, Sar-banes Oxley, HIPAA, FIS-MA, NERC CIP or other government regulations, Kensington’s Security solutions make it easy to comply .

Kensington Solutions is a leader in providing ERP software and support. SYSPRO is our flagship product and we have implemented over 30 SYSPRO sites in industries such as manufacturing, distribution, food, pharmaceuticals, 3PL, etc.

We are also a major provider of software, and hardware items such as servers, printers, scaners, racks, routers, memory, printer cartridges, accessories. Our sourcing power is extensive and our prices are the lowest in the marketplace. Ask us for a quote.