Discover a more effective way to capture, organize and communicate information and ideas! Business mapping with MindManager actually improves the way you work, increasing productivity through faster understanding, better decisions and reduced meeting time.

Maximize Individual and Team Productivity.

MindManager X5 Pro helps business professionals and teams run more effective meetings, increase project success rates and accelerate decisions.

MindManager X5 Product Range
For Windows NT® 4.0 SP6 / 2000 / XP

MindManager X5 Pro
Our most powerful edition for corporate use among business professionals and teams.

MindManager X5
Helps individuals increase productivity during brainstorming and planning.

MindManager X5 Mobile
Create and edit maps on your Pocket PC and merge with MindManager X5 Pro or X5.

Brainstorming Sessions
Quickly capture, develop and communicate information in a clear, visual format.

Project Planning
Focus the brainstorming and scoping phases of a project for faster implementation.

Meeting Organization
Get everyone on the same page and make faster decisions.

Share Results With Other Software Applications
MindManager X5 Pro seamlessly integrates with Microsoft® Office and an extensive variety of formats to quickly move results into other software applications, increasing efficiency and jump-starting business projects.

Brainstorm & Plan Seamlessly Integrate With
Large documents Microsoft Word®
Presentations Microsoft PowerPoint®
Schedules & Tasks Microsoft Outlook®
Project plans Microsoft Project®

Publishing Features

  • Web pages
    Instantly convert map content into professional Web pages for publishing
  • Bitmap graphics
    Export maps or selected Topics into bitmap format, for use in other programs
  • PDF Export
    Publish maps to PDF format for platform independent distribution
  • MPX Export
    Compatible with MPX file format for integration with leading Project Management tools


  • XML Transformations
    Use industry standard XSLT scripts for input/output and content conversion
  • Macro Editor
    Create and edit add-in scripts to develop custom functionality
  • Data Interchange
    Customize maps by integrating Enterprise data sets and Web services
  • SmartMapX Technology™
    Ability to create custom Map Parts and productivity solutions


Product available in English and German