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» ProLiant BladeSystem

» ProLiant DL

» ProLiant ML



An industry-standard server featuring all-in-in-one storage and server infrastructure


Allows immediate consolidation and virtualization, resulting in greater savings in power, time and money



Density optimized for flexibility and manageability


Ideal for multi-server deployments and available in both rack and cluster models



The ideal industry-standard server solution for remote and branch offices to data centers


Provides maximum internal storage and I/O flexibility


Available in tower and rack deployment options


Also, we provide personal computer systems including desktops, notebooks, and ultra portables all provided with Windows Vista or XP Professional (Includes Vista COA).


A word from HP:

This year, global IT spending is expected to shrink rather than grow for the first time in six years, according to Goldman Sachs.1Although opinions on the precise impact vary, the reality on the ground is the same: If your IT department hasn’t been told to do more with less, then it soon will be.

Cutting costs and conserving cash are top priorities, but that doesn’t mean that every investment should be cancelled, leaving existing, inefficient infrastructure in place. Instead, make focused investments to increase the efficiency of technology. An infrastructure that uses modular blades components, management and automation tools in a virtualized environment can deliver significantly lower operating costs.

Virtualized resources, including servers, storage and networking connections can boost resource utilization. In fact, independent analyst firm IDC estimates some virtualization projects can break even in four to seven months, and some can return anywhere from 472 percent to 769 percent on investment over a longer period of time.2

HP BladeSystem’s innovations in virtualization, power and cooling and system management can cut operational and capital expenditures by up to 42 percent compared to traditional servers3HP management tools like Insight Control, when fully implemented, can yield more than 500 percent return on investment with payback in under one year.4

HP ProCurve Networking delivers a choice of networking solutions, including new offerings for the data center. ProCurve networking products reduce network total cost of ownership through lower energy costs (up to 45 percent lower than the industry average)5 and a lifetime warranty that eliminates expensive maintenance contracts.

With data volumes growing, HP storage solutions allow you to cut time configuring, provisioning and babysitting storage, backup and recovery. You can automate high-performance backup and recovery from disk or tape with HP Data Protector software at a total cost of ownership that’s 70 percent lower than competing products.6 Likewise, the HP EVA Family of SAN disk arrays offer virtualized storage with a low entry price and can save up to 50 percent of storage administrative costs compared to competitive arrays.7