AutoMate 5 is the leading software for automation of front and back-office IT tasks. Combining raw power with intelligent design, AutoMate enables IT professionals to build and deploy system automation projects in record time.

AutoMate tasks are assembled via drag-and-drop, without writing a single line of code and can perform a wide variety of tasks including:

  • automated FTP file transfers
  • data or file replication
  • application testing
  • data entry
  • event log monitoring
  • service or application monitoring
  • system performance monitoring
  • SQL database transactions
  • email notifications

AutoMate includes over 140 available actions and triggers that can be rapidly assembled into an automated solution saving time and money.

AutoMate is a software tool for Windows that enables users to solve this dilemma by easily building custom “automated tasks”. In most cases, these automated tasks can be created without writing a single line of code!

Users of AutoMate construct automated tasks with the help of a wizard and an intuitive drag-and-drop Task Builder.

No Code, No Limits

AutoMate is the ideal replacement for scripts, batch files, macros, or any other code intensive process. It’s easy drag and drop interface allows rapid construction and automation of virtually any task that can be accomplished in Windows.

Automate Features

  1. Over 40 New Available Actions
    From ending processes, to speech synthesis, to databases, to looking at pixel colors – it’s all in there.
  2. New Triggers
    From watching memory and CPU thresholds to watching services, the new triggers provide limitless new ways to monitor and manage your systems.
  3. Window Dissection™ Technology
    Allows AutoMate to literally “see” inside of a window and read or set text on controls.
  4. Customizable Task Folders
    Allows you to organize your tasks.
  5. Improved Debugging
    Stepping and variable watches for testing automated tasks.
  6. The Best Scheduler Available… Anywhere
    The scheduler trigger has been overhauled providing maximum flexibility and custom schedules.
  7. Task Recorder Wizard
    Can watch you work and generate a real, editable AutoMate task that is not window position dependant.
  8. Application Specific Hotkey Trigger
    The same hotkeys can now do different things depending on the application you are working in.
  9. Error Handling
    Customizable per-step error handling.
  10. More Reliable and Efficient
    New architecture provides increased robustness and reliability.
  11. TCP/IP Based Remote Administration
    Now you can manage your remote AutoMate installations just as though they were local, across your network or the Internet.
  12. True 128-Bit Encryption
    Keeps your passwords and sensitive data secure.
  13. Speaks Your Language
    AutoMate 5 has been localized to English, French, Spanish and Italian. More languages coming soon!

Architecture…The Concept

AutoMate is a complete platform, allowing IT Professionals to build automated tasks. These tasks can interact with multiple applications, the Internet, and/or data simultaneously.

AutoMate breaks down common user actions into basic steps. The user builds tasks step-by-step in logical progressions. The result emulates an actual user performing the given task or procedure. AutoMate tasks comprise two primary components: “Actions” and “Triggers”. Just learn how these components work, and AutoMate’s wizards will easily guide you through the process of Task design.

Actions – Tell AutoMate How to Perform the Task

Actions are used to instruct AutoMate how to carry out the task.
AutoMate tasks are created using AutoMate’s drag-and-drop Task Builder. Simply drag and drop the specific steps, selected from over 130 available actions and place them in the order they should be executed. Available actions include launching and closing of applications, web sites, ftp and e-mail sessions, sending keystrokes to multiple windows interactively, focusing windows, SQL queries, FTP transfers, reading and writing to files, sending email. In addition, there are “decision-making” actions such as waiting for specific windows to appear or disappear, focusing of windows based on text content, checking the value of text.

Triggers – Tell AutoMate when to perform the task

Triggers are events that start AutoMate tasks you have created.
AutoMate is built on a ‘Trigger and Action’ metaphor. A Trigger is a condition or event in Windows which tells AutoMate to execute a Task. They can be anything from a time you schedule to the appearance of a particular window or dialog box, or even system events such low battery power, a spooler change, system idle, and more…

Memory Efficient Design

To conserve system resources during normal runtime, the AutoMate software application comprises three primary components:

  • The Task Administrator-The Task Administrator the central tool used to customize and direct AutoMate. It is highly graphical, and is only loaded when administering tasks on the local or remote machine.
  • The Task Builder-The Task Builder is used to visually sequence AutoMate task steps to be carried out, whether triggered or run manually. This component is also highly graphical, and so is loaded only when designing tasks.
  • The Task Service-Runs as a system service, doing the work of launching tasks according to triggers you specify. The AutoMate Task Service has no real interface, uses very little system memory, and runs continuously in the background.

Extend AutoMate with VBA Compatible Scripting

For advanced users, AutoMate contains a built-in, industry standard, Visual BASIC for Applications (VBA)™-compatible scripting environment. This Integrated Development Environment “extends” the core abilities of AutoMate™ to yield a virtually limitless range of possibilities. Although AutoMate has over 130 available actions to encompass nearly any possibility, BASIC scripting is available to extend AutoMate even further for access to the Windows API, COM objects, or other custom extensions.