Document Management

Kensington’s Document Management solution is state-of-the-art software for integrated document management. It can automatically process any type of document, regardless of its source, with internal control procedures that help you meet audit and compliance requirements. The Document Management solution imports them, classifies them, adds a fulltext index and makes them available for onward processing.

Additional Records Management functions ensure that all access is secure, controlled, and logged. Enhanced with workflow functionalities, Web Content Management and universal integration functions, the software provides powerful Enterprise Content Management (ECM) functionality for enabling expansion throughout an organization.

Kensington’s Document Management solution offers comfort and security. Even the most exacting users will be impressed not only by the comprehensive features, but also by its user-friendliness and simple administration — all of which, together with the extensive integration capabilities and optimum security, combine to make the software a product that can grow with your requirements well into the future.

Outstanding Features
• One document pool for all of your documents
• Powerful, automated import features
• Automatic categorization using OCR or barcoding
• ERP integration – invoices, journals, reports etc.
• Information available around the clock, anywhere
• Simple search, fast retrieval
• Workflow
• Remote locations and mobile users
• MS Office, CAD, SAP ready