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We provide ZOHO CRM consulting solutions and help to integrate ERP Solutions to companies ranging from small to large divisions of major corporations. We help sales and marketing teams leverage their talents to achieve better results.

ZOHO CRM Services

We can help your company build processes and connections through the ZOHO CRM systtems that will optimize your sales processes and more.


Looking for help fast tracking your ZOHO CRM, ZOHO CRM ONE or ZOHO CRM+ plans? 

Not sure which ZOHO plan is even the best fit?

We can guide you through the process


After choosing the best plan to meet your needs, its time to get things organized, setup and running smoothly.

Our implementation experience will get your company comfortably running with ZOHO.


ZOHO itself provides terrific support already.

Need additional assistance from a partner that now knows your business and ZOHO CRM we help solve new challenges to adapt your implmentation as business grows.


We can help your team develop the new skills and processes to flow through the ZOHO CRM system and process. 

We can help you pick the right training requirements to suit your organization.

Settle for more

With ZOHO CRM you can grow sales, review results and stay better connected with your clients…

What we do…


We will evaluate your needs and the processes of your teams to identify the optimal ZOHO CRM plan for your processes and sales pipeline.


We’ll work with or for your team to implement the ZOHO CRM system that serves your company best offering setup, user testing or training and more as needed on your project.

Training & support

Once a new CRM solution is setup, companies often grown and improve their sales processes quickly. We are ready to provide initial training to get your team started.

If your processes need to adjust, we are available to provide support and help you adapt successfully.

ZOHO CRM enables companies to do far more than just track client  contact information.
It helps companies analyze their sales pipeline, identifiy & analyze performance & emerging opportunities. There’s no better system to build connection through out a customers organization .

Implementing the processes to grow sales

Does your team need visibility to…




“We almost lost a deal and a customer after negotiating a new product line for months, and then when they went to order, the order was held up in credit! No one had let us know that the client was past due, and past their limit. The Receivables Analyst had been out sick for 3 weeks and payments had not been applied. It slipped through the cracks on our end. No one wants to lose business when their own team has dropped the ball!

Now we can see key client invoices, stay on top of real issues working them together.”

Jeremy G.

Account Manager

Sales Orders

“Our sales team of 83 sales & manufacturers representatives were emailing and calling to confirm their customers had submitted a sales order several times per month each. We were spinning our wheels running adhoc reports, replying to email threads, voice mails and more.

All that work disappeared when we were able to safely give them visibility to the Sales Order Activity that they needed to follow up and be effective!”

Jennifer S.

Sales Manager


During a crunch in our product availability, our Sales Representatives kept pushing the inventory that we didn’t have. We kept getting sales orders from customers for products that we were out of 24 hours earlier. They received weekly automated reports of inventory, and that just wasn’t good enough. To make matters worse, we had other inventory options available that wasn’t moving at all.

We got them access to current available inventory levels and we were able to highlight the inventory that we needed help moving now. With the right information our team was able to redirect customers from the inventory that wasn’t there to the inventory that was turning too slow. It bought us the time we needed to get caught up. Things are running better than ever now that we are on the same sheet of music

Maggie W.

Director of Key Accounts

Shipping Status

“One of our important clients kept phoning me directly over and over again to check to see, ‘Has my order shipped yet?’ Usually, the orders had shipped. There was no problem but the logistics manager had 380 other clients shipments to contend with every day too.

Now the our Sales Representatives get real time notifications of shipments. For the clients that need a closer touch, our representatives can now phone them immediately and let them know a shipment has gone out. For those clients that are more digital, they can get email or text messages of shipments along with tracking information and a quick link to their Sales Representative for follow ups.”

Russell H.

Logistics Manager

Our Specialties

  • Software Services
  • ERP Implementations
  • CRM Solutions

Our specialties enable us to help clients with the systems they require to manage, improve and grow their business, divisions, and departments. A CRM implementation is a key component of many businesses and their relationships with the clients are partners that matter most!

We Help Businesses refine processes including:

Bill to Stock

Bill to Order

Job Shop

The ERP/CRM Numbers


Successful Implementations

Years in Business since 1997


Fortune 500 Companies


Throughout America


What Size of Businesses Do you Work With?

We work with companies producing $10 million – $750 million in revenue per year.

Do you Offer Long Term Services?

We offer services best suited to our client needs. We offer services ranging from short term implmentations to long term partnerships.

What industries do you have the most experience with?

We specialize in working with companies engaged in the following Industries:

  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Energy
  • Technology

We are happy to answer your questions.

We have a long history of helping companies achieve success, launch amazing systems to improve and grow their businesses and train or guide their teams to keep up with the changes in their industries.

We are confident that we can help your company grow, improve and gain visibility to the opportunities flowing from your clients, customers and partners.

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Kensington Solutions is an authorized ZOHO CRM Partner.